Minqi Sun | 孙敏祺 

drawing   painting
sculpture   installation
video   performance
project in public space

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{ 28 days }

Installation in public space
in Arnulf-klett-Passage, Hbf

The noticeboard lightbox at the Arnulf-Klett-Passage at Stuttgart railway station has three sides around a support column, and I've ‘disguised’ all three sides as windows.

The two smaller ‘windows’ give a view from the outside, while the larger window gives a view from the inside, ‘outside’ being the forest in winter. It was like a room.

Each window had a thin white curtain that seemed to give a view of the ‘room’ inside. I placed a small plant from my own windowsill, an ashtray, a cup of coffee, an inward-facing photo frame (yes, there was no angle from which one could see the photographs inside), a lit candlestick, and a wooden stick on the ‘windowsill.’

From time to time during the month of the exhibition, I added or replaced things. For example, the ashtray was stuffed with cigarette butts every few days; the exhibition took place in February, and I put in a Valentine's Day rose and a love letter folded into a ‘thousand paper cranes’, a real love letter; and by the end of the exhibition, on 28 February, the forgotten cup of coffee was already full of mould. This ‘someone's’ February was so uneventful that I wondered if anyone at this busy railway station would ever find this boring daily story.

斯图加特火车站 Arnulf-Klett-Passage 的告示牌灯箱有三面,围绕着一根支撑柱,我将三面都 “伪装 ”成了窗户。

两扇较小的 “窗户 ”可以从外面看到里面的景色,而较大的窗户则可以从里面看到外面,“外面 ”是冬天的森林。这就像一个房间。

每扇窗户上都有一块薄薄的白色窗帘,似乎能让人看到里面的 “房间”。我在 “窗台 ”上放了一盆自己窗台上的小植物、一个烟灰缸、一杯咖啡、一个朝内的相框(是的,没有任何角度可以看到里面的照片)、一个点燃的烛台和一根木棍。

在展览的一个月里,我不时地添加或更换一些东西。比如,烟灰缸里每隔几天就会塞满烟头;展览在二月举行,我放了一朵情人节玫瑰和一封折成千纸鹤的情书,一封真正的情书;展览结束时,也就是 2 月 28 日,那杯被遗忘的咖啡已经长满了霉菌。这个 “某人 ”的二月是如此平淡无奇,以至于我怀疑在这个繁忙的火车站是否会有人发现这个无聊的日常。