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{  Today is a Good Day  }
a tour in Regensburg

1 ch., 22'44"

online: today is a good day 720p.mp4
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{Today is a good day} 是我在雷根斯堡做的一个短期驻地作品。利用Google Earth的3D城市模拟地图,以第一视角在虚拟城市漫游,并且记录漫游的路线和被AI模糊或者扭曲化的街景,然后持相机沿模拟路线重走一遍真实城市空间,并拍摄真实空间中发生的细节。

对雷根斯堡这个城市我并没有太多了解,我想在这种未知的状态下,在虚拟的网络构架空间内来“了解”它,通过维基百科、网络打卡照片、Google街景等实现。这正好符合在corona期间人们试图了解世界的方式,或者反过来说,疫情加强了网络作为现代人认知世界的方式的现状。这种方式显得干净利落,就像在Google Earth里一样,我不需要任何其他游客的存在,依靠模拟的建筑细节中我已经感受到了雷根斯堡的历史和现在的朝气。但我知道这离真正的城市相去甚远。另外一方面,作为游客在真实的雷根斯堡漫游一天,看到了已经修缮一新的石桥、打满脚手架的大教堂,满大街的Cafe等等,却也不能与“了解这个城市”划上等号。两种方式都在失去城市的细节。


{Today is a good day} is a short residency I did in Regensburg. Using Google Earth's 3D city simulation map, I roamed around the virtual city from the first point of view and recorded the route and the street scenes blurred or distorted by the AI. I then retraced my steps along the simulated route with a camera and photographed the details of what was happening in the real space.

I didn't know much about the city of Regensburg. I wanted to 'get to know' it in this unknown state, in a virtual networked space. This was realised through Wikipedia, webcam photos, Google Street View, etc. This is in line with what happened during the corona. This is in line with the way people tried to understand the world during corona, or conversely, the epidemic reinforced the status quo of the internet as a modern way of knowing the world. The approach seemed clean and clear, like in Google Earth, I didn't need the presence of any other visitors, relying on the simulated architectural details in which I already got a sense of Regensburg's history and current vibrancy. But I knew it was far from the real city. On the other hand, as a tourist, roaming around the real Regensburg for a day, seeing the restored stone bridges, the cathedral with all its scaffolding, the street cafes and so on, is not the same as "getting to know the city". Both approaches are losing the details of the city.

But it is interesting that the difference between the virtual and the real is confused with some memories and imaginations. For example, this 3D image of an empty street, which was real during the months of the epidemic, is a reminder of the city and its times.