Minqi Sun | 孙敏祺 

drawing   painting
sculpture   installation
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{ Zhazha/Chacha }  Episode I -  at the return of the gaze

{ 查 查 / 查 查 : 眸 光 反 射 }

Installation / 装置 : Minqi Sun
Video / 视频 : Minqi Sun
Soundtrack / 声音采集和编辑 : Zhen Li(李真), Minqi Sun
painting on wall / 绘画 : Minqi Sun
Performance / 表演 : Zhen Li, Minqi Sun

( show in HumBASE, Stuttgart, Germany, 2019)

soundtrack of the Performance ↓

live in HumBase, video, painting, installation, performance
< Zhazha/Chacha - At the Return of the Gaze > | < 查查/查查: 眸光反射 >是一个集合装置、影像、声音、绘画、灯光和表演的作品。  

"Zhāzhā""Cháchá"是 “查查” 这个中文名字的两个读法,我虚拟出这样的一个人物"查查",并模拟这两种读法的模糊性引申含义来树立两种迥异的主体,两者之间对立又互相依存。


< Zhazha/Chacha - At the Return of the Gaze > | < 查查/查查: 眸光反射 > is a collection of installation, video, sound, painting, light and performance.

"Zhāzhā" and "Cháchá" are two ways of pronouncing the Chinese name "查查", and I have created a virtual character "查查", and simulated the ambiguous meanings of these two ways of pronouncing the name in order to set up two very different subjects, which are in opposition to each other and dependent on each other.

The series < Zhazha / ChaCha> describes, through a theater-style performance, the tearing that occurs internally in the subject's friction with the environment and the effect of this tearing on the relationship between the subject and the environment/the other subject. < - At the Return of the Gaze> is the first installment of the

1  ch. video with sound, 12’53”, screenshot

← performance, live in HumBASE, Stuttgart, Germany, 2019 →