Minqi Sun | 孙敏祺 

drawing   painting
sculpture   installation
video   performance
project in public space

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{ somewhere between or nowhere beyond }

glasspavilion with LED-light and sound
160x160x240(high) cm 
( show in AdBK Stuttgart, 2017 )

< somewhere between or nowhere beyond >是尝试在开放空间内置入的一个“隐秘空间”,利用双向镜作为隐秘空间对外的窗口——白天,外部空间亮于内部空间时,处于隐秘空间内部的人可以拥有自己的私密空间的同时观察公共空间的他人,两者之间形成一种观察与被观察的感官与心理关系,这样不平等的关系在黑夜到来时由于隐秘空间内部设置的光而反转交换。

Within an open space I structured a "hiding space", which used a large two-way-mirror as the whole wall of one side - during the day, when the exterior is brighter than interior, the people inside can have a private space, where they can also observe the others outside. It forms a kind of sensorial and psychological relationship between observer (inside) and be observed (outside). When it is dark outside, the unequal relationship has an obvious reversal due to the lighting LED inside.

↓ daytime
nighttime ↓



Since the interior of the space is a black corner (right triangle), when the external public space becomes dark, because of the internal light and the mirror reflection, the person inside seems himself as to be in a private "black square box".

The light changes with a recording set, forming a small theater without pictures, and insider become the actor in the theater. At the same time, the light presents this "private" scene to the eyes of people in the external space. “Privacy” is just in the eyes of the person concerned, not reality. The relationship between the observer and the observed changes at any time, and the "privacy" is no longer fixed on one side.

人拥有了一个可以主动地观察或者窥伺他人的条件,也同时随时准备着成为被观察和窥伺的对象, 空间的“公开性”被集中和放大,个体之间的紧张感和自我约束都发生了改变,人内心在期间扮演了什么样的空间角色,公共与私人的界限在哪里?我希望能在体验中将人带入对自身与环境语境之间逻辑的思考。

People have a condition to observe and watch others actively, and always ready to become a subject of observation and watching. The "openness" of the space is concentrated and amplificated. The tension between individuals and self-discipline are both changed. What kind of role do people play in this situation? Where is the boundary between the public and private? I hope to bring people into thinking about the relationship between themselves and the context/surrounds  through the experience.