Minqi Sun | 孙敏祺 

drawing   painting
sculpture   installation
video   performance
project in public space

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{  dear Tear  ,  dear Fear  }
{    亲  爱  的 ,亲 爱 的    }

mixed material



[dear Tear, dear Fear] 是为了重现记忆里非常有时代意义的个人思绪。它与自2019年末开始的大流行病相关。面对突来的生命的不确定性,我们恐慌。那些消极又长尾的情绪始终弥漫在我们日常行为里,压缩在隔离的房间内,它们幻化成梦境种下种子。

"Once in the middle of the night I suddenly began to observe the window in my bedroom. I turned off all the lights and looked through that window at the transparent and distant sky outside. This was about the third week of starting the isolation, and I realized that this space I was dreaming in was so innocent. I was sitting in the doorway of my bedroom at exactly this angle, still at midnight, and began to dream. "

"The soft and strong apparition broke into my bedroom in such a way. Curious and careful, she spat out teardrops and sighs, confused with infinite sperm and eggs, and it soothed my panic like an elephant. We gazed at each other to confirm our eyes, whereupon she swallowed me, murmuring 'Darling, darling, we live forever'."

[dear Tear, dear Fear] is meant to recreate a very contemporary personal thought from memory. It relates to the pandemic that has been going on since the end of 2019. We panicked in the face of sudden uncertainty of life. Those negative and long-tailed emotions always pervade our daily behavior, compressed in isolated rooms, where they morph into dreams planting seeds.